Hugh Cott

The Hugh Cott Merchandise Range

Hugh B. Cott (1900 – 1987) was a British zoologist, wildlife artist and camouflage expert. From crocodiles to cuttlefish, Cott observed how animals disguise themselves in the wild, writing up his findings and illustrating his books with meticulously observed pen and ink drawings. 


He was also an alumnus (SE 1922) and Fellow of Selwyn College (1945 – 1967), so we’re delighted to introduce Hugh Cott to you via an attractive new range of items that feature his outstanding artwork.

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This 100% cotton tea towel features Hugh Cott's camouflaged sleeping...
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Hugh Cott's famous sleeping leopard features on this bone china mug. Reworked with...
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This notecard pack includes ten notecards which bring colourful life to Hugh...
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This 100% cotton tea towel features Hugh Cott's iconic ostrich drawing...
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